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A literary nonfiction writer, Charisse explores heritage, home, history, and identity, whether she explores orchids, sea lions, language, or place. She is a finalist for the 2023 DISQUIET Literary Prize in nonfiction.

Vol. 4, Issue 1. Personal essay about living in rural Pennsylvania and the region's geology and history, with forays into Philippine mythology, culture, and colonial history. In the audio, I read my own work and play my composition Boat Song.


Print ed., Volume 98. Longform essay investigating the quirks of the Filipino language in equal parts humor and tragedy, from A to Z.


Nonfiction Finalist for Learning Filipino, out of 1200+ entries. Ninth Letter editor Philip Graham called it "a tour de force, wrought with irony, bitterness and humor."


Issue 6: 2023. Personal essay exploring home and dislocation through the life of my orchids. 


Essay anthology on rural Pennsylvania (Bucknell University Press)

Forthcoming, Spring 2024. Featuring my personal essay Roots.

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